1. Villa L by Powerhouse Company and RAU


    There is a kind of ambiguity between public and private, particularly in our increasingly networked world. We are turned into voyeurs. At times, we have nothing to hide as a result of repeated exposure.

    Glass houses, where one’s privacy is invaded, are always objects of fascination and a wonderful tease. Villa L by Powerhouse company and RAU is located in a dreamy site, overlooking the woods, outside Utrecht, Netherlands. Its translucent structure is an invitation for self-exposure, a modernist’s promise of rationality and abstraction. To balance privacy with transparency, the Villa floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, on the ground floor are wonderfully intimate with its surroundings. On the second floor, wood panels are interspersed with mirrored glass windows to allow for private moments. The kitchen and living areas, are arranged inside a simple rectangle, with the absence of walls.

    If privacy comes first, a “do not disturb” sign can be an invitation for liberation–Google understands.

    Photography by Christian van der Kooy


     Villa L by Powerhouse Company and RAU  Powerhouse Company