1. Glass House by Santambrogiomilano


    It is no secret that modern architecture’s experimentation can be intended as a provocation. Perhaps one of the things that Modernism promises is freedom from everything as a result of a spatial effect—a free-flowing open space.

    Emphasizing a pared-down openness, connecting with nature and absolute transparency are the essentials for Milan-based architect Carlo Santambrogio and glass designer Ennio Arosio. The Glass House concept, by Santambrogiomilano features a collection named Simplicity. It consists of a line of furniture and architectural elements made of ‘extraclear’ blue glass structures composed of a mixture of joints and glass sheets. The glass panels of 30 mm thicknesses can turn matte
 for privacy.

    Successfully uniting nature and space, the Glass House becomes an object of its surroundings, almost unnoticed. The boundaries between nature and space are nearly erased and the landscape is the ultimate subject. The Glass House is completely uncluttered and exposed: residents can see the outside and neighbors can see the inside.

    One wonders if the effect of a radically bare, translucent structure is too much to bear. Nothing is hidden. How inspirational would it be to experiment with the conceptual and practical challenge of a glass house, the ‘un-private house’—exposing our precious little privacy without shame. There is something for everyone however unconventional it may be.

    Photography by Santambrogiomilano.


     Glass House by Santambrogiomilano  Carlo Santambrogio  Ennio Arosio  Santambrogiomilano